Thursday, 27 June 2013



Work nature : 

1.       Is this genuine or not?
This is 100% Genuine work. 

2.       How much i can earn money through this work?
It’s depend on your internet skill. ( some people earn Rs.100 per day some people earn Rs.200 per day, some people earn Rs.500 per day )

3.       I have good internet browsing skill, then how much i can earn?
You can earn Rs.5000-15000/month

4.       I don’t know what knowledge are required?
internet browsing skill is must to do this work. But we will give explanation about the job sites. then its depend on your interest.

5.       I don't know what is internet, then how much i can earn?
Already i told you, internet browsing skill is must to do this work. But we will explain the details in the work site. Earning depend on your interest.

6.       Work is available on 24 Hours?

7.       How many types of works available?
There more than 100 type of works are available.

8.       How can i get my payment?
It is depend on the site ur are choosing. Payment will be send by Cheque or paypal.

9.       Payment is genuine or not?
100% Genuine.

10.   How long time you guide a people to do this work?
nearly 5 years.

11.   ok, When will i get my payment, if i withdraw today?
You will get within 7 working days. But first time i will take 40 days (max.).

12.   Is this possible to earn more than 15,000/- per month?
Yes. if you have good internet browsing skill and english knowledge surely surely surely you can earn more than 10k per month.

13.   Im very interest, how can i join ?
Pls click "How to join" page.

14.   Can you guide me after join with you?
Yeah surely.

15.   If i send Fee and Proof today, when i start my work?
When will i receive your Fee and Proof. that day evening you can start the work.

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